the 1st #etmooc session – welcome and orientation

Overwhelming, exciting and stimulating… all in one session. No complaints!

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing and reading everyone’s ideas and contributions. It was definitely the most interactive Collaborate session I have ever attended. I have feeling that this will be a wondrous online journey.

I noticed that some were a little nervous about the pace of the event… trying to keep up with the chat stream, as well as watching Alec’s video stream and contributing to the whiteboard. I hope they stick with it… it just takes a little practice! After a while, you can start zero-ing in on the posts that are most relevant, and skimming over the stuff that’s not so pertinent to your learning journey.

Particularly memorable was Dave’s (?) comment about a MOOC being a catalyst for further learning. I couldn’t have put it better myself!

Collaborate sessions will provide a good opportunity to simultaneously attend something with fellow #etmooc’ers and see the personality-types involved. It’s also a buzz finding out how many countries are participating! I was surprised to see people from the North Americas attending – I thought they’d be asleep for our down-under-friendly session!

Lots of ideas, lots of interesting reading, lots of tweets and google+’ing… yay! As an information specialist, nothing excites me more.

I wait for the next part of this MOOC with bated breath! 🙂


2 responses to “the 1st #etmooc session – welcome and orientation

  1. Great you get the feedback through your filtered lens Maha, keep us informed please. I am doing the PowerfulLearningPractice Lite program with Sheryl Nassbaum-Beach and loving it too for similar reasons, our first webinar was on Wednesday. I too will blog about this in my new edublog site.

    • Great to hear, Carole! Care to share your edublog address? Or have you posted it on LinkedIn? (I’m still reading through everything there…)

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